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If you want your machinery to be cost-efficient and ready for any serious tests, you should purchase original spare parts, i.e. the same parts as used to assemble equipment manufactured by Volvo.Volvo Genuine Parts.

Therefore our company uses only original Volvo spare parts. It is no coincidence that this very company is proud of the record for the longest period of delivery of spare parts for old engines. You can be sure that you can purchase a required part for ten years after manufacture of a specific engine stopped.

Our company offers the entire range of accessories, spare parts and technical fluids manufactured by Volvo. Experienced specialists will easily select spare parts you require using e-catalogues.

Our spare parts warehouse has already been operating for more than 12 years in Kazakhstan.

For this period of time, we have managed to:

  • - improve service rate of the warehouse up to 75 %
  • - arrange prompt delivery of spare parts from the warehouse in Almaty to any part of Kazakhstan 
  • - ensure continuous replenishment of the warehouse.



Genuine Volvo Parts

CACEL Volvo Penta Importer

Genuine Volvo Parts


Genuine Volvo components ensure A-class quality and fail-safe operation of your Volvo machine. Every part is important for reliable operation and efficient performance. Why take risk? Use only specially designed, tested and certified components and products ensuring optimum operation and playing a key role in cutting expenses for ownership and operation.

Quality of Volvo parts helps to maintain high performance of your machine, ensures protection of other components and operation of systems to achieve maximum return on your initial investment in the machinery.

Tested and certified spare parts are comprehensively tested, pass strict certification procedure and ensure compliance with the high quality standards of Volvo, high operational reliability and assurance.

Increased service schedule. Guaranteed reliability enables increasing service schedule and reduce a possibility of repeated failures significantly thereby increasing period of fail-safe operation of machines and cutting expenses in the longer term.

Filters are crucial parts of a machine. Reliability of operating characteristics and machine operation directly depends on the efficiency of filters.

Original Volvo filters have been designed with respect to unified high quality standards applied to all Volvo machinery. You will find filters in Volvo filters sets recommended for replacement upon expiration of every service interval.

Volvo Penta Filters

Branded Volvo filters were designed based on the same technical requirements as all the construction machinery. High quality of the filters is duly documented; they are good in the machines. Therefore such filters are a natural choice for those who do not accept any compromise in performance, profitability and safety of machines.

Filters are among the most essential parts of construction machinery. They should keep operating liquids and air clean from dirt and impurities. Efficient filters protect the machine systems in a reliable manner from exposure and maintain safe operation.

Requirements to filters are growing with growing requirements to machines – to their readiness, operational expenses, service intervals. By no means all filters even of famous brands can work in compliance with such requirements; it affects specifications and performance of machines negatively.


Genuine Volvo repair kitsGenuine Volvo Penta repair kits

include everything required for engine overhaul. Kits are made so that to facilitate order of parts, maintenance and service. It saves your time and money.

To make an easier choice, they are divided into categories covering everything – from repair of major components to replacement of consumables:

  • - Repair kits for repair of major components
  • - Repair kits for maintenance

All kits are a quick, simple and cost-efficient solution.

Volvo oil, lubricants and cooling liquids


Volvo oil, lubricants and cooling liquids

Original Volvo cooling liquids, lubricants and oil are the things ensuring long life of an engine as they reduce wear, remove sediments and deposits, neutralize acid, etc. You can be sure that all of them have been specially adjusted for low operational costs. They ensure safety and can extend the service life of your engine considerably.

Volvo lubricants were designed particularly for your Volvo machine and ensure stability and high quality and consequently long, efficient and clean operation of your machinery.

Volvo lubricants ensure:

  • - improved operation of specific machine parts
  • - highly efficient protection from wear and tear increasing service life of accessories
  • - increased service life of machines
  • - reduced consumption of fuel and lubricants


Diesel engine oil

Multigrade mineral oil is intended to be used for all year round. It was designed to be used under rough conditions – at high temperatures and high loads. It is characterized by excellent environmental friendliness and capacity of protecting engine from wear and tear. We also offer semisynthetic oil used under harsh winter conditions.

Gear oil

Fully synthetic gar oil of high quality for transmissions. Tested in Volvo transmissions. Since it is synthetic oil, it ensures excellent protection from wear and tear at the extremely high and low temperatures. It can be used at very high loads without wear and tear.

Anti-freezing liquid

Volvo cooling liquids suit perfectly to any Volvo machinery as they were designed to protect Volvo engines and adjusted to specific features thereof. All anti-freezing liquids are tested and approved by Volvo.

Volvo anti-freezing liquids ensure:

  • - maximum protection from freezing
  • - optimum protection from corrosion
  • - excellent heat emission
  • - compatibility with all cooling systems
  • - no deposits or sediments in the cooling system